Styling Idea # 79 Pink, Yellow and Leather


Okay, I think palettes is shaping up to be one of my favourite things to post about- I just need to work out how to get some dots or something on the page that show you what colours to pull out- but you are a pretty smart bunch. Let me break this one down. PINK. YELLOW. WHITE. BROWN- who would have ever known it could look so good!

Interior Decline


  • I could have easily called this idea part painted walls because I think they way they have left the white with the stripe in yellow and the pink bit is incredible! Can you tell I am excited by my inability to punctuate that sentence?
  • PS (I am thinking all sorts of 70’s male polo shirt combos can be painted onto walls with sections left unpainted- amazing!)
  • Is a warning about this idea- I don’t think the combo would work so well without the 70’s inspired stripe- ie pink cushions on this couch would just look wrong. If you are not up for painting the wall like this try painting the coffee table and pair with yellow flowers.
  • This would work in a bedroom with a leather bedhead, pink linen and yellow accents.

I have never seen this combo together before- have you? I would love to know your thoughts on this??



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