Styling Idea # 80 Wall of Books Meets Wall of Prints


Happy Monday! I am in Brisvegas today – hoping to see some amazing interiors, ideas, stores and eat my old fav sushi from Queen St – mmm

Have a great day.

Cabbage Rose


  • This is a full on styling idea and requires you to be happy with lots of products and visual stimulation around you!
  • Even if you do not want to take up the whole wall I would recommend doing this mirror image of the books v prints in smaller narrow areas to give the illusion of an abundance of space! The trick is to go HIGH!
  • Keep your shelves white and the colours sorted in some organised way- it need not be a colour coordinated book case but it does need to be sexy one so pick your styling.
  • Lots of fresh light and a pendent fitting will balance out the space.
  • If you do not have natural light think about the way you want the space to feel during the day- you will have to adopt warmth as anything between bright and airy or warm and cosy will simply feel cluttered and messy.
  • DO put your table or furniture in the middle of the room
  • DON’T get too tricky with colours in the space- spines and artwork will keep you buys for now 🙂

PS whilst I am on the topic of bookcases- you HAVE to have look at this – sent to me by my dear buddy Scott! Possibly the coolest bookcase on the planet- thanks Scott for being the bearer of all things inspirational!

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