Styling Idea # 81 Mixed Tile Textures


It occured to me this morning I am neglecting the bathroom. Not my bathroom it is sparkling clean (sort of) but I am not posting near enough about these beautiful spaces so here is a simple simon tip that could really make a difference if you are renovating a small bathroom on a small budget.


  • The best thing about this idea is you can add personality to a space without adding a dated element of your favourite feature tile this week (always bound not to be someone else’s favourite tile, or to put off a certain buyer).
  • If you want to stick with conservative white you can create contrast just by selecting a textured tile for featured areas- think above the mirror like this or a paneled wall for impact.
  • Keep the colour scheme the same and let the texture do the talking- this would work well for other colours such as beige, navy, green or charcoals.
  • The other thing I love about this shot is the number of feature tiles are so few- you can save money by selecting a plain tile for main areas and adding something fresh in a small spot- awesome for renovating for profit! (Sam and Stu this could help you in the downstairs bathroom!!)

4 Comments to “Styling Idea # 81 Mixed Tile Textures”

  1. Personalised service at its best!

  2. Been tiling for 25 years but still like to keep informed thanking you

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