Styling Idea # 82 Patterned Carpet


This a true divider? Some love this idea and others will hate me so much for this post I will possibly see a boycott in visits for the rest of the week! Well I am prepared to take that chance because I love it some much.

Apartment Dreams


  • I really do think that this can be done in a tasteful way that leaves an impact and creates a memorable room- bear with me whilst I explain some options!
  • Try a large lofty white bedroom with all white linen, a bedroom chair and over sized lamps. (kinda like this image but minus the random bedlinen).
  • Try working this look in a wide hallway or entrance and leave it confined to that space.
  • Run the patterned carpet up a flight of wooden stairs and do not take the carpet to each edge of the step- leave a small amount of wood and install uplighting- incredible.
  • Stay away from green and mustard if you are afraid of looking too dated and try raspberry, navy or grey patterns for a softer and more contemporary look!
  • Think about spaces that can be left feeling fresh and open such a guest room or a home office and keep the styling in the room minimal.

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this one!

One Comment to “Styling Idea # 82 Patterned Carpet”

  1. I Love it…I actually looked for patterened carpet when I was renovating….but it was limited and sooo expensive.

    Maybe in my next reno…at least in a Study or a Library…What an impact.

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