Styling Idea # 83 Paneled Ceiling


Pure perfection- i love this Idea so much!!

Cabbage Rose



  • Oh my goddness! With the current fascination of wooden floorboards (how long do we think they will be in vogue? Forever….?) we have forgotten about the beauty of paneled ceilings! Really – I think these are stunning.
  • I love how each photo shows a different look- use a shadow cornice for a contemporary look with down lights or add a wooden cornice for a more rustic finish.
  • Definitely do not be afraid to use wood in the room below- the second image has a mixture of four different types! I am prone to wanting to punch people when they say you cannot mix woods!
  • Think about the colour you want to radiate down into your room a honey teak colour wood is best for maintaining an open feeling but a dark black japan with sleek finish could look incredible.
  • In case you were wondering don’t have floor boards at the same time- not necessary.
  • PS Don’t you just love that cactus!!

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