Styling Idea # 84 Bedend Rugs


Revisiting the pattern carpet post from earlier this week I understand that a full room of patten on the floor may not be practical in a rental space or if you are not 100% sold at the idea – however if you like rugs why are not using one at the end of your bed?


  • This is sooo much fun to play with because every rug you pick will dictate a new feel for the room- take a clean white space like above and add ikat, floral, tibetian, persian, stripes or plain colour – whatever you want!
  • You can buy small size rugs for much cheaper than a full floor rug and can you add a whole new feel to the space.
  • I once used a full hallway runner- it was too long for the bed but it made the room feel cosy and created a walkway all the same- it doesn’t need to be as small or large as the bed exactly.
  • If you use a larger rug feel free to add a bed seat or an ottoman or a bench to the end also on top of the pattern.
  • Mirror the pattern or the colour in some bed throw pillows or use a beautiful table cloth to create a side table with a contrasting floral (if you like florals that is)
  • If you want to create a dramatic effect use a stripe in the rug and repeat the stripe, colour and direction on the pillows on the bed- this will be strong and masculine but look very sophisticated.

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