Styling Idea # 90 Bottle Vases Over Table


I can hardly believe it is 20th of December. When I sat down to write this post this morning I almost thought “It is too early to post Christmas”. Well, actually it is too late- where did time go?

Yesterday I had the pleasure of exchanging Christmas Gifts with some of my favourite friends so it is starting to feel like we are really there! If you are planning a festive table this year- why not celebrate with something easy breezy but oh so pretty!

PS- I was inspired to post this idea after having a beer last night at Coogee Cafe After Dark– they have beer boutique bottles hanging in the window and plenty more in the fridge for you to try! If you after a chilled out atmosphere in Coogee pop in and enjoy this summer concept while it lasts!


I say leave work early today and head home to get this sorted for an early Monday evening gathering!!

(Apologies to my northern hemisphere readers- I know the idea of breaking bread in the summer sun while fresh flowers dance over head is a bit too teasing for you!)

Have a good day 🙂

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