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January 31, 2011

Styling Idea # 111 Plates Hang On Wall


If you are not originally from the country do you still feel the incredible sense of calm and peace when you escape the city the bush? From all my city readers I would love to know- do you feel “at home” in country? I cannot tell you how incredibly relaxed I am after just 4 days at home in Wagga. I know some people associate a deep sense of peace with the beach but for me it is blues skies, green trees, lush grass, quiet streets and the simplicity of a small town. For the first time ever I found myself reading Country Style magazine! I must say it was a very comforting read- recipes, flowers, classic timeless style and a no fuss attitude that embraces comfort as the first rule of decorating and quality as the second- there is something to be said for that.

Now, don’t panic- I still want my retro penthouse in New York so I am not trading wall sconces for baked scones just yet! However one little easy styling idea that can be borrowed from a county feel is hanging plates on the wall. This styling idea is not brain surgery but could be used in ways that maybe you hadn’t thought of yet….

Living Etc

Sorry- Misplaced Source



  • By selecting brights prints on plates you can bring a white wall to life without looking too country or classic.
  • Look for plates of different shapes and sizes.
  • Be aware that the more plates the more country the look will feel.
  • Plates over doorways and windows in kitchens is one of my favourite looks and will add instance home factor to a small rented kitchen you want to make your own.
  • Consider mixing it up with some mirrors and contemporary black and white photography or artwork!
  • If you have an outdoor eating area consider a display of plates above a serving trolley- sweet.

I hope your Monday is as relaxing as mine! I think I might do some baking!

January 28, 2011

Styling Idea # 110 Chandelier in Bathroom


I have come home to Wagga for a couple of days to regroup and relax. I am so lucky to have my family still in country so when the pace of Sydney and sounds of public transport get all to consuming I can duck home to enjoy the peace and quiet. Home for me is intrinsically linked to food and decorating – my mum is the best cook and stylist in the world – so I love coming back here.  She has performed a magical renovation on our house- her latest addition is a chandelier to our bathroom! Stunning.

Living Etc


  • If you are renting or on a budget but want to add some drama to your bathroom think about a fancy light fitting.
  • There are lots of styles so pick your taste- traditional, Moroccan, modern, sputnik…..
  • These look amazing hang over the bath!

PS I have noticed I am getting a large number of hits lately! If this your first time to FURNNISH, welcome! My name is Sara and use these pages to record and organize my styling and decorating ideas! I post everyday (except weekends) and am working on posting 1001 ideas!! Come join me for daily tid bits and pretty photos! Thanks for visiting!

January 27, 2011

Styling Idea #109 Tablecloths


Yesterday we enjoyed an amazing beach Aussie Day. Surprising this is really the first time I have spent the day at the beach for Australia Day and now it will not be my last. Picnic blankets, BBQ, esky’s – we were fully equipped for the day! A little picnic table complete with tablecloth would have helped when it came to eating salads off paper plates!!

From Scandanvia With Love

Apartment Dreams


  • Summer is the perfect time to bring out the floral and brights with tablecloths.
  • Classic stripes and checks will look great in most rooms- try using them outdoor on on patios to add something different.
  • Try layering the tablecloths with different lengths and prints to create your own style or add different place mats for something unique.
January 26, 2011

Styling Idea # 108 Aussies Outdoor


Happy Australia Day!!

I hope you spend it outside sipping cold beverages and enjoying the sunshine!!

Amanda Prior Photography

Bear Hill Interiors

House of Turquoise

House of Turquoise

January 25, 2011

Styling Idea #107 Painted Cane


Beautiful Sydney threw up one of those perfect summer nights last night. The sun was hot until it set and a light breeze settled in after to make sleeping easier. I do not remember that I have an amazing beach at my doorstep enough (well, around the corner). A quick visit to the beach after work is a the perfect way to relaxed! Here is my beach inspired idea!

House of Turquiose

My Pear Tree House


  • Be inspired by a retro feel and invest in painted bamboo or cane pieces for indoor or out!
  • Look for colours that pop like yellow, red, turquoise and navy.
  • Find cushions and throws to soften it all up!
  • A side table is a perfect addition if you don’t want to go all the way with the chairs!


January 24, 2011

Styling Idea # 106 Black Framed Windows


I’m so sorry I am late this morning. It is a peculiar thing this unwritten rule of morning posts. Somewhere in cyberspace a rule was made that if you post everyday you do so before 4:44am – so it appears I missed the cut off today. Um Arh.

I have just spent the weekend in a personal development course. Really? Why on earth would you do that, you ask? Well, here is the thing. It is amazing for me to observe the majority of people this world in one of two states – content or discontent. Now, at any one time it would be impossible to calculate the split however I am not sure I personally would like to except either option. For me simply being content is playing pretty safe, being part of the tribe and hanging out on the couch. Discontent is pretty irritating also, it niggles and jiggles and sounds like an annoying car alarm when you are trying to enjoy a quiet coffee moment on a Sunday morning. You can live with it, but it pisses you off, a distraction that causes you to re-read the same paragraph of the paper more than once.

I am certainly not here to preach or judge and we are all learning new things in new ways however I love learning more about human psychology, what makes us tick, how we behave and what nasty habits human nature has developed over time. For me it is case of occasionally taking stock and asking- are things going the way I would like them to at the moment. I’m kinda surprised this is not my view when I wake up at the moment so I am working on it!

Cabbage Rose


  • If you have view worth framing do it with a thick black frame and not smaller glass panels
  • Keep these clutter free and sparkling clean and sit back and enjoy the view!
January 21, 2011

Styling Idea # 105 Water Jugs


Feeling the summer heat starting to creep up?

Make a feature of a cool water jug beside your bed table. Pick your shape and make it stylish.

Think about the guest room too- such a nice gesture.

If you don’t have room on your side table a makeshift outdoor table at the end of your bed with a tablecloth, jug and glasses is sophisticated and smart.




January 20, 2011

Styling Idea #104 Coloured Crockery


Reading a post yesterday in my daily tour of the blogs I was stopped in my tracks and reminded of the Brisbane floods. Seriously, with so much media coverage is hard to imagine that I had forgotten, and I hadn’t, but what is incredible about the human psychology is that we are very good at forgetting things that don’t directly impact our lives- we are selfish and self centered and get on with our day. It’s the law of the jungle.

The blog was “Absolutely Beautiful Things” by award winning, Brisbane based interior designer Anna Spiro. Anna wasn’t in flood effected areas but she is now facing a flood effected economy. Years of hard work, excellent design, amazing inspirational posts and images are now tethering on edge as Anna and the rest of the city ask the big questions and search for the big answers. Owning a business in home “aesthetics” and/or design may prove difficult at first in a city of the homeless but we must remember there is always a place for beauty. Brisbane residents will stick together, beautiful things will still be bought and excellent design will still be required because, in the absolute best way, we are selfish and self centered and get on with our day. Please visit Anna’s blog and leave a comment to show your support.

Living Etc


  • This is a very simple styling idea but worth noting- if you have any display space in your kitchen (and come to think of it mine is filled with Vita Brits and milo- yuck) you should think about how you can display this neatly with a pop of colour.
  • Everyone loves a white dinner set and most of us will have one but by selecting an ascent colour you can bring your kitchen to life.
  • You don’t need a whole other setting you just need some pops of colour in the same hue- pinks, yellow, grey, black, navy and red will all work well in a small space.
  • Other things that would work well on the coloured shelve are vases, cook book stands, salt and pepper grinders, a cute coloured kitchen radio…..let your imagination play up a bit here!
  • Layer your pieces, stack colour together, group colour together and if you want to add a second colour follow this rule with each.
  • Repeat with a kettle, some flowers, kitchen curtains, a tea towel or a coloured seat (like yesterday) for a layered impact!

mmmm I may have just inspired myself to pack away the cereal!

January 19, 2011

Styling Idea # 103 Coloured Chairs


I made the comment that the colours I wanted to see more of in 2011 were evergreen, pink, mustard, reds and oranges. I also said that I think black & white will (should) still continue high on our lust list. So how would you go about injecting one of these happy go lucky colours into your world? I plan on showing you some little ways.

Vogue Living


  • A brilliant quick and fresh way to add colour is one single chair
  • The beauty of this idea is that if you cannot afford a fairy floss pink Series 7 chair for real you can paint anything any colour you want! Find a chair that you like the shape of at ANY SECOND HAND STORE! Don’t look for ones that need upholstery we need to be able to paint. If the chair is wood you can strip it back, if it is veneer you can prime it and cover.
  • Use the paint colour you have painted your new chair to add colour somewhere else. Think of an interesting place that is not too obvious -skirting boards, inside cupboards, window sill, storage box!
  • Dont limit yourself to the colours I have suggested add colour in anyway with this idea.
  • Top off with a clashing cushion or bright wallpaper behind and you have a very smart styling feature.
  • Try this in the nursery with little children size chairs- cute!
  • This idea would work in the bathroom, the kitchen, the hall, the entrance, the spare room, the dining room, the balcony….i could go on!
January 18, 2011

Styling Idea # 102 Ensuite Doors


Has anyone seen Burlesque? Let me tell you firstly, that I am a card carrying member of the “I Hate Musicals Club”. Worst offenders, according to our club are The Sound of Music & Moulin Rouge. I could vomit. I have a huge issue with people signing a line when they should really be talking. And I cannot stand signing whilst kicking, whilst twirling an umbrella, whilst kissing the leading man, whilst being suspended above a live audience. SHUT UP!!!

So, it may come as a surprise to learn that I simply loved this movie. It has everything to do with the talent of Christina Aguilera and the incredible looks of Cam Gigadet (Totally 1990s boy band- I’m sorry, can we still be friends?)

Anyway- we all should be creating en suites with doors like this as a result.


  • If you are updating to a new en suite this year dont forget about the doors. They need not be a standard boring door- glass doors, paneling, beveled glass or smokey mirrors.
  • Search op shops or junk yards and see if you can find the perfect parir. If you do not have the space for 2 one outstanding door on its own will create an entrance.
  • Claw bath optional but recommended.
  • PS- I just noticed the candle sticks in the image (re: yesterdays 2011 predictions- really had not seen these before!!)