Styling Idea # 92 Hawaii Style


Happy New Year!!! Wow- I have had the most incredible break. Since we last spoke I have been busy – I know there is a lot of writing here but I have two amazing places and experiences to share with you……..

Christmas involved a family holiday to Hawaii to visit family from all over the world (yeah, I am a very lucky lady). Here is the thing about Hawaii, if you have not been, it is like a fairytale land. Imagine an adult Disneyland where the streets are pristine and paved, the grass is St Andrews like, the buses are opened aired with friendly drivers. The city sparkles with fairy lights and the shops are a never ending, never closing luxury brand paradise- begging you to enter their immaculate world at every turn. In this world you FEEL rich, you FEEL like movie stars, you FEEL almost…. American. I can say this, only because we have absorbed so much American culture that to arrive at the film set feels at once spectacular and familiar. You actually drink cocktails, order ribs, watch football, order yard glasses and do ghastly, never to be repeated karaoke. You suck it up and let an over enthusiastic 18 year old college kid in an Hawaii shirt ask you time and time again for your ID (I’m nearly 30) because in fairy land people follow the rules and you have to play along. Everything in America is over sized – politeness included.

Whilst I am filling yo ‘al in (like that Americanism?) I will take you to my New Years. In just 3 days I went from surfing in Waikiki to belly dancing at Peats Ridge- I literally did both activities (badly). My girlfriend collected me from the plane and we were festival bound immediately. Peats Ridge is exactly the opposite to Hawaii in all the most perfect ways! The tents are hot and stinky, the grass muddy and grassy, the food a Hare Krishna/vegetarian mish mashed delight, the clothing organic cotton and the music is so far and above anything you can hear in commercial America its not funny. African drummers meets chest vibrating dub, meets 70 year old crooners from Nashville, meets naked lead singers (I swear this is true), meets astonishingly talented female vocalists and damn sexy lead guitarists. This is the other fairytale land where naked babies dance with grandparents and people let inhibitions go as they embrace the collective spirit of movement, community, music, consciousness, energy and nature. At Peats Ridge you witness a spectacular dress up party, you dance to electronic music whilst opening your Chakras, you shiver under a cold showers and dry-retch at every toilet break. And yet, as the sun goes down and the first familiar Australian stars pop in the sky you look around at natures beauty, strangers dancing and smiling faces and know, for certain, that you are in fact richer beyond your wildest dreams.

Ok, I have an interior blog. Here are photos of the beautiful space at the Westin where I enjoyed my family Christmas lunch…..buffets and waiters and sunshine all included!!

Foyer at the Westin

Pool Deck at the Westin

Welcome back to 2011- I hope you continue to enjoy this bloggy blog!!

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