Styling Idea # 93 Couch and Artwork Matching


During lazy days of holidays I have discovered a guilty pleasure- this pleasure would not be possible without the instantaneous world of iTunes and I wish it was not as easy and accessible (and time consuming). This pleasure is downloading endless mind numbing television shows! Arhh! Yep, free to air in Ozland fails us and actually gets worse at the time when we are at home and hankering for something decent so I have turned to iTunes with devastatingly entertaining consequences. Gossip Girl is my ultimate. The clothes, the interiors, the terrible plot but oh, did I mention the interiors?? Watching these rooms and homes is better than eating an entire chocolate cake – they are simply delicious! The lucky and talented Christine Tonkin works her magic on the set design and much like in Sex in the City (which she also formed part of the design team) creates another character for us to get to know.

I wanted to do a post not about the actual rooms but search for an idea or image that I think represented what the style is about- it is a structured, opulent, modern, glam but always with a twist of personality. It is tapered, clean lines with strong colour and studded or draped for maximum sex appeal. Much like the clothing Blair and Serena wear. What do you think of this idea…..

One Hour


  • The arresting element of this idea obviously lies in the symmetry but you need not take it to this extreme. Try using the same fabric (floral??) you upholstered the couch in as a covered frame as artwork above the chair.
  • Keep the lines of the chair neat and structured as above. We don’t want matching grandma recliners and wall hangings here.
  • If the couch idea freaks you out or you don’t have the space to make this work what about upholstery dining chairs in a delectable print and creating a large long narrow canvas out of that same fabric that stretches the length of the table! Oh la la
  • If the couch and artwork is too much but you like the concept simply create cushions and use the fabric to wrap around a frame and frame your favourite photograph in the repeat fabric.

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