Styling Idea # 94 Walk in Closet


I am in a style rut. I went back to do another catalog of my wardrobe (yes, readers I know we have been here before) but this time instead of trying the clothes on I did something I have literally never done before. In the spirit of a New Year I decided to iron and hang the contents of my closet. This so satisfying that I am dumbfounded that I have not done this before. My mother hates to iron and we had an ironing board set up permanently to iron on a needs basis (if it was close to okay we would generally err on the side of not ironing at all). Please note this is not an indication of my mothers incredible house keeper skills she simply doesn’t like to iron, so I have never had a wardrobe of ironed clothes hanging neatly for me to see.

And guess what I saw? Grey! Black! Navy Blue! Tonnes of it. Turns out that 65% of the tops and shirts in my wardrobe are these colours with the only other colours making an appearance being browns, greenish, dark purples or whites in various prints. How ghastly!!! I know I am a Melbournian at heart and I am probably suffering some mid-city crisis where I am getting over the hangover of the Gold Coast and not quiet embracing the shine of Sydney but this is ridiculous. No red, pink, yellow, turquoise, orange, green or light blue in sight! Not even the edible colours of peach, lemon, mustard, mint green or raspberry. Furthermore 30% of my actual wearing wardrobe is grey T-shirts, my PJs are mainly grey and my underwear draw is 100% black or grey. WTF!!!!!

So, I decided to look into this grey fetish. Apparently- “silver (grey for this purpose) is thought to be incredibly attracting of increased intuition and inspiration and you should wear something in this colour when wanting to get to the truth in situations. The colour silver represents intuition, imagination and female power.” Whatever. I am not sensing a whole lot of female power or imagination here! I need to go shopping for some kind of yellow sundress! Click here if you want to read more about the colours from the site I used

Don’t get stuck – get a walk in closet!!!

Living Etc

Stolen Inspiration

Black White and Yellow


  • Think about it- do you have any space anywhere where you can get your clothes on display? Can you shift your laundry to a cupboard and reclaim space? Can you make a wardrobe out of an odd shaped sun room or side of the house? Do you really ever use your office? I know I am putting a large emphasis on clothes but we spend a lot on them don’t we??
  • Get as much on display as possible without losing a sense of what you have available.
  • Consider sorting by colours- you might be sadly disappointed in the lack you have.
  • Get organized with shoe racks, clear boxes, stored seasonal pieces and accessories.
  • Buy something colourful to celebrate your new room or organised space!

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