Styling Idea # 96 Sunken Living Room


Is anyone else having trouble with what day it is at the moment? It seems to be the working/not working schedule combined with the fact I lost a whole day flying back from Hawaii. I keep having to check what day it is! Anyway it appears to be Friday so why not chill out and relax in a room this damn hot!


  • I’m a huge fan of retro (in case you are new to my blog or somehow have missed my previous rants on mid century furniture, printed carpets, half curtains- oh yeah baby!) but this room is like, maybe perfect. I LOVE IT!!!
  • I love the sunken seating, the houndstooth carpets, the Castglioni Mezzadro seat (I sat on this when his daughter came to Sydney to give a speech on the celebrated designer) maiden hair fern, the bookcase and the cushion. I don’t think I have ever said this on my blog yet but I think this might just be the perfect Sara Room.
  • The sunken area creates a space that feels sophisticated- I am sure this is ripe for a revival. This doesn’t need to be a full architect job it can be as easy as creating a false floor in front of your bookcase (provided you have enough ceiling height).
  • Have a look at how small the floor space is in the room- but we have a reading nook, sitting area, dining area, bookcase and storage- this is perfect for apartments.
  • Making a statement with the carpet allows the floor and steps to be a feature – when you have carpeted steps it would be a waste to have a plain colour- go for print!

I really cannot stop looking at this picutre! I want to find an apartment in Sydney that looks like this and move in now! (I think I need a knitted vest and some flare jeans to make it work but it is worth it!)

Tell me, does anyone know anyone with a sunken lounge room anymore?????????

3 Comments to “Styling Idea # 96 Sunken Living Room”

  1. love it…Im always looking forward to your posts. I’m looking for inspiration for my new home…are 70’s tiles, fake wood and brick still cool?? Could you find any inspiring pictures with the above, as I can’t change those aspects?

  2. hey cool lady, so i think i really want 2 new chairs for my life. one in the lounge and one in the room of slumber. i think this needs to be one if nothing else, cos i’ve looked at it and sat in it so many time and, well its red. BUT its from a VERY pedestrian furniture store. yup, that’s ALL that’s stopping me… that it’s from somewhere too ‘normal’ – i think i need to get over this…

    p.s. it’s not nearly as red or shiny in the real world… really really not!

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