Styling Idea # 97 Indoor Plants Standard Figs


A dear friend of mine commented on Friday’s post (love comments thank you!!) and presented a dilemma. Her issue is that she has found a chair that she loves and is worried that is from a “pedestrian” furniture store – a store that is a chain store of furniture and is mass producing in other words. Here is my take on this dilemma- there is no dilemma. Seriously. Excellent rooms, like excellent outfits, all pull together the best of options available. For clients I have used pedestrian (although at times they too have mentioned that they did not want to purchase from chain stores), second hand, garage sale finds, custom designed, high design etc etc all in one. Over the weekend I stayed at the beautiful, highly recommended Links House in Bowral and my exact comment on their furniture was “this is a eye of an excellent decorator- nothing needs to match perfectly and nothing looks particularly expensive but the overall feeling is perfect and welcoming and calm”.

I am very passionate about this response for a number of reasons. Firstly we live in Australia and economy of scale means our available options for furniture are limited to say the least, secondly style is ALWAYS about combination not picking the most expensive piece for the sake of it and finally unlike chain stores you are unlikely to see your coveted chair on some 16 year old on Oxford St. Enjoy your find my friend- i love it!

Julian Wass Living Room


  • Whilst I am on classic Bowral style interiors allow me to share a simple tip for creating a formal space- standard figs!
  • Indoor plants are certainly having a resurgence and your choice of shape and size and style will emulate an aura all over the room so pick for your desired effect. In Bowral the one they used was in fact a dead tree! (Feng Sui would go nuts over this bad energy source but I think it worked)
  • I really love this room on so many levels – the ceiling height of the curtains (withe the green continued above the window so smart), the detailed windows, the comfortable and welcoming chairs, the lamps coming out of the wall, the excellent use of colour! Sometimes as much as I love a funky retro patterned space I am attracted to this timeless elegance. If you are too get yourself a fig!!

2 Comments to “Styling Idea # 97 Indoor Plants Standard Figs”

  1. Your blog just keep getting better and better – love your writing style Sara! Happy New Year to you x

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