Styling Idea # 98 Fake Grass Courtyard


Oh My Goodness. I love clever ideas for city  dwelling/space poor chaps. See- that is what I am. Despite my grand posts on tartan and sunken rooms I really have no where to implement these ideas (readers that is where you come in – volunteers???). Nor, truth be known do I actually have somewhere to implement this BUT I would if I could! Promise yourself to read about this space so you see what is going on…….its worth it!

Desire to Inspire

I only read this today on Desire to Inspire and had to do a post on it- for more click here !


  • Why do you need to have a watering can and some ground level land to have a green mossy space? Make like crazy people and get some fake lawn on your terrace now!!
  • Large windows will love the pop of colour and mentally your feel like you have a slice of heaven rather than a slab of cement.
  • Okay, this mini bathroom is some sort of design Olympic Gold Medalist. Apart from the grass let’s look for a moment at how this works. First we have dark wood, aqua tiles and white accents- huge tick for modern colour scheme. Second we have a mirror that reflects the space back on itself, a small contained white basin (best to not go to the floor in small spaces). But the real magic is in the layout- use the shower as a private glass box or open it outwards to the fresh air and private courtyard– also the space to enter the courtyard is actually through the shower creating a walkway and an activity space in one! Something I have never really seen done in a bathroom! So a space that is probably 1.5 m x maybe 2.5m becomes a room with a bath and shower and access to a rooftop. Genius

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