Top 10 2010 Interior Trends

Okay- I had originally planned that I would post this at 101 (being a connection to 1001 and in January and all that) however I didn’t have it ready in time.

Below is my humble round up of 2010 interior trends. Not the type you read about in Architectural Digest or the ones that Patricia Urquiloa would have established but they reflect the colours and ideas that were big in our main inspiration sources last year – magazines and blogs. It seems incredible that a year or two ago (less for me actually) we didn’t use interior blogs for inspiration. I have been a subscriber to every interior magazine at some time or another and devour these visuals treats with fervor. However, they are feeling a bit passe as we allow our senses to be tempted globally and daily by the ever growing number of blogs. Trends become obvious and international whereas before you only received 6 issues of Belle so how could you know what was big that year- it was on slow burn. We saw what was delivered, read editors trends and Pre A.T (Apartment Therapy) the only San Fransisco interior we had ever seen was Full House.

Have a look at my picks below, I would love to know your thoughts and if you indulged in any of these “of the moment” looks.


Without a doubt the largest number of readers visited my site after Googling this omnipresent search phrase “grey walls”. Grey was to 2010 what chocolate was to 2001. The safe option for a feature walls and the colour that could be translated from walls to linen to fashion to EVERYTHING else. We loved it!

Jonathon Adler


I remember getting excited about this wonderfully unique idea – and then it seemed like it was on every wall. Bonus points for the inclusion in my image above (along with Union Jacks- another 2010 motif hit). However, I am now declaring this trend well and truly exhausted. Let’s not end up with a room like this.

Malibu Home Magazine


I don’t think I can remember a period when this timeless colour scheme played such a huge role in interiors. Yes, I am only 29 and yes it has always been de rigueur in fashion but this is Australia not Scandinavia. It could have something to do with the number of hours that I read Emmas blog (is there a degree in that cause I am nearly qualified?).  White floors, ikat rugs, black shiny furniture, minimal rooms, white kitchens, simple bedlinen we parred back on colour and embraced clean.

One Hour


In 2010 we turned lighting upside down – and hang them from the ceiling. Bedside lamps were redundant, coffee tables were lit from above and dining tables got up close and personal with low lighting. We also loved industrial floor lights, metal pendents and stage lights. I am not even going to mention the crazy obsession with Castiglioni Arco style lamps because I believe the original design is the best and this trend represents all that is wrong with imitation design at the moment. That is my rant over. Thank you.

Skona Hem


Remember earlier in the year that minty green was all the rage? When I started the idea for this blog around May this was my largest folder for collecting images- it seems it ran out of steam. I still like it.


The last time I had indoor plants I wasn’t old enough to water them and probably had a Holly Hobby doona cover but this year I was inspired and watering regularly.

Apartment Therapy


Someone with influence in the DIY world (as opposed to the design world) found the power of a staple gun and some wadding too alluring to pass up in 2010. Yes, they are simple and an excellent way to inject colour and personality, yes they are soft and tactile and yes they are cheap but I wish not everyone found this out. Shhhhhhhh DIY people- keep your really good ideas to yourself and I.

Living Etc


This is not limited to 2010 – it has been in vogue for a while now but it is still a strong statement from the year and worth a mention.

Interior Decline


Whoever came up with the idea of importing these cheap and cheerful ceramic stools (with no function in life what-so-ever) and selling them for about a 1000% profit margin should donate to the Brisbane Flood Appeal (their money, not their stools that is).


2010 was the year of the Tiger and the year of the “poor dinner party host”.It become acceptable to drag up any old seat and create a table for plenty. This is one trend that I love because it allows for a personal touch and is grounded in a genuine attempt to break bread with more guests – something that will never go out of fashion.

Emmas Blog

Other notable mentions– patina leather, retro furniture and retro side boards, grey and yellow combo and Jonathon Adler “Glam”

I know this is my longest post and I have probably lost most readers but I should put in my 10c worth for 2011 predictions-in no particular order:

1) Colours- Evergreen, pink, mustard, reds and oranges (black and white to continue).

2) Soft furnishings- Curtains, bedspreads and ottomans

3) Misc- home bars and mini bars, candle stick holders, floor cushions, detailed mirrors, photography as art, bonsais, cork, rustic wood, tartan printed upholstery and patterned tile kitchens.

I would like something like this………………..

Sweet Home Style

Let the inspiration begin!!!

3 Comments to “Top 10 2010 Interior Trends”

  1. Congrats on double figures.
    Great and informative post.
    Keep on keeping on….
    Heres to the next hundred.!!!

  2. What perfect images you have chosen to show the trends.
    Such a great summary of the year and pointers for this year.

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