Styling Idea # 102 Ensuite Doors


Has anyone seen Burlesque? Let me tell you firstly, that I am a card carrying member of the “I Hate Musicals Club”. Worst offenders, according to our club are The Sound of Music & Moulin Rouge. I could vomit. I have a huge issue with people signing a line when they should really be talking. And I cannot stand signing whilst kicking, whilst twirling an umbrella, whilst kissing the leading man, whilst being suspended above a live audience. SHUT UP!!!

So, it may come as a surprise to learn that I simply loved this movie. It has everything to do with the talent of Christina Aguilera and the incredible looks of Cam Gigadet (Totally 1990s boy band- I’m sorry, can we still be friends?)

Anyway- we all should be creating en suites with doors like this as a result.


  • If you are updating to a new en suite this year dont forget about the doors. They need not be a standard boring door- glass doors, paneling, beveled glass or smokey mirrors.
  • Search op shops or junk yards and see if you can find the perfect parir. If you do not have the space for 2 one outstanding door on its own will create an entrance.
  • Claw bath optional but recommended.
  • PS- I just noticed the candle sticks in the image (re: yesterdays 2011 predictions- really had not seen these before!!)

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