Styling Idea # 103 Coloured Chairs


I made the comment that the colours I wanted to see more of in 2011 were evergreen, pink, mustard, reds and oranges. I also said that I think black & white will (should) still continue high on our lust list. So how would you go about injecting one of these happy go lucky colours into your world? I plan on showing you some little ways.

Vogue Living


  • A brilliant quick and fresh way to add colour is one single chair
  • The beauty of this idea is that if you cannot afford a fairy floss pink Series 7 chair for real you can paint anything any colour you want! Find a chair that you like the shape of at ANY SECOND HAND STORE! Don’t look for ones that need upholstery we need to be able to paint. If the chair is wood you can strip it back, if it is veneer you can prime it and cover.
  • Use the paint colour you have painted your new chair to add colour somewhere else. Think of an interesting place that is not too obvious -skirting boards, inside cupboards, window sill, storage box!
  • Dont limit yourself to the colours I have suggested add colour in anyway with this idea.
  • Top off with a clashing cushion or bright wallpaper behind and you have a very smart styling feature.
  • Try this in the nursery with little children size chairs- cute!
  • This idea would work in the bathroom, the kitchen, the hall, the entrance, the spare room, the dining room, the balcony….i could go on!

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