Styling Idea #104 Coloured Crockery


Reading a post yesterday in my daily tour of the blogs I was stopped in my tracks and reminded of the Brisbane floods. Seriously, with so much media coverage is hard to imagine that I had forgotten, and I hadn’t, but what is incredible about the human psychology is that we are very good at forgetting things that don’t directly impact our lives- we are selfish and self centered and get on with our day. It’s the law of the jungle.

The blog was “Absolutely Beautiful Things” by award winning, Brisbane based interior designer Anna Spiro. Anna wasn’t in flood effected areas but she is now facing a flood effected economy. Years of hard work, excellent design, amazing inspirational posts and images are now tethering on edge as Anna and the rest of the city ask the big questions and search for the big answers. Owning a business in home “aesthetics” and/or design may prove difficult at first in a city of the homeless but we must remember there is always a place for beauty. Brisbane residents will stick together, beautiful things will still be bought and excellent design will still be required because, in the absolute best way, we are selfish and self centered and get on with our day. Please visit Anna’s blog and leave a comment to show your support.

Living Etc


  • This is a very simple styling idea but worth noting- if you have any display space in your kitchen (and come to think of it mine is filled with Vita Brits and milo- yuck) you should think about how you can display this neatly with a pop of colour.
  • Everyone loves a white dinner set and most of us will have one but by selecting an ascent colour you can bring your kitchen to life.
  • You don’t need a whole other setting you just need some pops of colour in the same hue- pinks, yellow, grey, black, navy and red will all work well in a small space.
  • Other things that would work well on the coloured shelve are vases, cook book stands, salt and pepper grinders, a cute coloured kitchen radio…..let your imagination play up a bit here!
  • Layer your pieces, stack colour together, group colour together and if you want to add a second colour follow this rule with each.
  • Repeat with a kettle, some flowers, kitchen curtains, a tea towel or a coloured seat (like yesterday) for a layered impact!

mmmm I may have just inspired myself to pack away the cereal!

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