Styling Idea # 106 Black Framed Windows


I’m so sorry I am late this morning. It is a peculiar thing this unwritten rule of morning posts. Somewhere in cyberspace a rule was made that if you post everyday you do so before 4:44am – so it appears I missed the cut off today. Um Arh.

I have just spent the weekend in a personal development course. Really? Why on earth would you do that, you ask? Well, here is the thing. It is amazing for me to observe the majority of people this world in one of two states – content or discontent. Now, at any one time it would be impossible to calculate the split however I am not sure I personally would like to except either option. For me simply being content is playing pretty safe, being part of the tribe and hanging out on the couch. Discontent is pretty irritating also, it niggles and jiggles and sounds like an annoying car alarm when you are trying to enjoy a quiet coffee moment on a Sunday morning. You can live with it, but it pisses you off, a distraction that causes you to re-read the same paragraph of the paper more than once.

I am certainly not here to preach or judge and we are all learning new things in new ways however I love learning more about human psychology, what makes us tick, how we behave and what nasty habits human nature has developed over time. For me it is case of occasionally taking stock and asking- are things going the way I would like them to at the moment. I’m kinda surprised this is not my view when I wake up at the moment so I am working on it!

Cabbage Rose


  • If you have view worth framing do it with a thick black frame and not smaller glass panels
  • Keep these clutter free and sparkling clean and sit back and enjoy the view!

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