Styling Idea # 110 Chandelier in Bathroom


I have come home to Wagga for a couple of days to regroup and relax. I am so lucky to have my family still in country so when the pace of Sydney and sounds of public transport get all to consuming I can duck home to enjoy the peace and quiet. Home for me is intrinsically linked to food and decorating – my mum is the best cook and stylist in the world – so I love coming back here.  She has performed a magical renovation on our house- her latest addition is a chandelier to our bathroom! Stunning.

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  • If you are renting or on a budget but want to add some drama to your bathroom think about a fancy light fitting.
  • There are lots of styles so pick your taste- traditional, Moroccan, modern, sputnik…..
  • These look amazing hang over the bath!

PS I have noticed I am getting a large number of hits lately! If this your first time to FURNNISH, welcome! My name is Sara and use these pages to record and organize my styling and decorating ideas! I post everyday (except weekends) and am working on posting 1001 ideas!! Come join me for daily tid bits and pretty photos! Thanks for visiting!

3 Responses to “Styling Idea # 110 Chandelier in Bathroom”

  1. Loving the touch of glamour to a beautiful crisp white space. My dream would be to have a mantelpiece in the bathroom.

  2. Hello- thank you for your comment!
    Who are your referring to in with regards to going into business? I am not sure I understand your question- sorry


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