Styling Idea # 111 Plates Hang On Wall


If you are not originally from the country do you still feel the incredible sense of calm and peace when you escape the city the bush? From all my city readers I would love to know- do you feel “at home” in country? I cannot tell you how incredibly relaxed I am after just 4 days at home in Wagga. I know some people associate a deep sense of peace with the beach but for me it is blues skies, green trees, lush grass, quiet streets and the simplicity of a small town. For the first time ever I found myself reading Country Style magazine! I must say it was a very comforting read- recipes, flowers, classic timeless style and a no fuss attitude that embraces comfort as the first rule of decorating and quality as the second- there is something to be said for that.

Now, don’t panic- I still want my retro penthouse in New York so I am not trading wall sconces for baked scones just yet! However one little easy styling idea that can be borrowed from a county feel is hanging plates on the wall. This styling idea is not brain surgery but could be used in ways that maybe you hadn’t thought of yet….

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  • By selecting brights prints on plates you can bring a white wall to life without looking too country or classic.
  • Look for plates of different shapes and sizes.
  • Be aware that the more plates the more country the look will feel.
  • Plates over doorways and windows in kitchens is one of my favourite looks and will add instance home factor to a small rented kitchen you want to make your own.
  • Consider mixing it up with some mirrors and contemporary black and white photography or artwork!
  • If you have an outdoor eating area consider a display of plates above a serving trolley- sweet.

I hope your Monday is as relaxing as mine! I think I might do some baking!

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