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February 28, 2011

Styling Idea # 132 Floating Cupboards


I love a retro idea that is totally practical. Mini on space (for where you don’t have a lot)- excellent on storage and keeping your keepsakes happy!

Desire to Inspire


  • Buy one
  • Hang it on the wall
  • Sit back knowing you are cooler than most

For similar styles try Great Dane Furniture, Vampt Vintage or the amazing stores on Botany Rd if you are Sydney based. Tell them what you want- they may just be in storage somewhere waiting for a home on your wall.

February 25, 2011

Styling Idea #131 Indoor Garden



India Maldhive


  • Don’t be afraid to frame external doors with lush indoor plants!
  • Create a nook by keeping them close together and defining the space
  • Use two chairs to create a conversation point or a small table for wine and playing scrabble!
  • Plant wallpaper optional but oh so cool!
  • yes it helps to have incredible windows but you would be surprised what a plant based frame can do.
  • If you don’t want to have large potted plants go with the hanging variety- one either side of the door! Nice
February 24, 2011

Styling Idea # 130 Coloured Splashback


I am about to install a green “splash-back” glass wall in a commercial clients space! This 5m wall size panel will be used in a conference and training room to write and brainstorm with a white marker! I hope it works and looks spectacular.

It’s not this bright (I have a darker green in mind) but I LOVE how this brings a outdoorsy freshness to this white kitchen. Two thumbs up.

House and Garden


  • Lots of people are using coloured splash backs- “not a new new styling idea?”….. I concur. However are you using the other accessories around the space to highlight the colour. Got stools- match a tone or same colour in cushions. Got storage jars – pick a pattern with your base colour. Got a clock match the colours for ultimate repeat!
  • Splash backs are not just for kitchens and bathrooms- think of high reflective coloured glass for halls, entrances, laundry and sunrooms.
  • Did you know you can pick any colour you like!?
  • PS if you are after a reputable supplier for your glass try Glass Direct Australia– the same company that worked on the block and very helpful to deal with!

What is your favourite colour for a splash back?

February 23, 2011

Styling Idea # 129 Black Bedrooms


Fancy a cosy, classy main bedroom? Go for black- and I’m not talking feature walls honey- I mean all over black magic!

Interior Decline

Living Etc

Living Etc


  • A flat black wall might seem boring and, well, flat! Try panels, alcoves, mirrors or wallpaper to add texture and interest.
  • My pick for floors- plush plush carpet that feels like hotel luxury.
  • A palette of latte, bronze, white and cinnamon will be best friend for linen and upholstery.
  • Add texture anyway you can to keep it feeling soft and relaxing.

Could you do it???

February 22, 2011

Styling Idea # 128 Little Stool Big Vase


The Life In Style Event was held in Sydney over the weekend. This trade event is a showcase of the amazing home wares and gift products that we can expect to see in store soon. There are also a few categories that I think I can say we do not need to buy anymore of

  • Necklaces with wooden blue birds
  • Velvet headbands with bows
  • Terrible woollen jumper things
  • PJ’s that come in pouches of the same fabric
  • Bags that look good and feel crap
  • Neck pillows with matching travel tags- what the?
  • Cushions with stamp and envelope/ letter/ motifs
  • Ugly things that keep handbags off the ground at the table- no one uses them!

Things that are good and that you should buy

  • Products made from recycled waste- baskets woven from garbage bags, jewellery made from bottle caps.
  • Smart, real leather travel wallets
  • Very own “at home light boxes” that you can change the letters of!! Quote of the day anyone? Available from Top 3 by Design.
  • Umbrellas with curved corners instead of pointy edges- brilliant!
  • Amazing leather from Alan Myerson (touch it and you will agree)
  • Cool things from Lightly like these
  • Printed vases (see below)- these flowers don’t die so you can just add leaves! Much cheaper.

Oh, so I give you all this love and you still want a styling idea?? Of course you do- that is what FURNNISH is all about! Voila- I present little stool big vase!

Now before you dismiss this as terrible shop fitting style think about how smart this could look in a house. Cute chair in any colour you like- TICK. Large ornate vase looking decorative and ornamental by virtue of it’s proportion- TICK! Dead twigs optional I just like the idea of playing up proportions!

February 21, 2011

Styling Idea # 127 Hanging from a Shelf


I would hate to be pregnant in summer. I have had two baby showers in as many weeks in the stifling heat. The first was during the Sydney heat wave and 20 mothers to be huddled in a non-air conditioned room to exchange fluffy hot snuggly type toys- it was 45 degrees. Yesterday was hot and steamy also however we visited one of the cutest little buttons in Sydney so it did make it worth it.

Amelia Ruby is a young hostess with the mostess and in cosy (read- good for winter) little room on Elizabeth St she will serve you more cakes and slices and ice tea than you can honestly handle (even if you under do you belt…..and your top button). The Tea Parlour hosts tea and scones for $8 or the full hog High Tea for only $20 and you will never forget the experience, or the beetroot and chocolate cake! And the wonderful thing is that Amelia makes all the food herself and lovingly serves you endless plates of joy along with apologies for the weather and the cutest little interior to boot- so sweet.

Here is one idea that I loved from the interior…


  • I love the flag hanging from under the shelf – such a subtle way to display the Jack!
  • If you are not into British heritage and tea rooms you can still use this styling idea in other ways- hang a scarf (vertically) or pretty printed tea towel from a hanging shelf in the kitchen, living room or bathroom!
  • Use the scarf to separate other styling ideas – for example use the split to separate photos, artwork or vintage mirrors.
February 20, 2011

Styling Idea # 126 Outdoor Shower


Hopefully you are getting some beach time/swimming time in before the end of summer is on us. If you live near the beach an outdoor shower is a must for washing off sand but why do you need sand to stand under fresh running water to cool you down? I think anyone with a pool could benefit from a stylish outdoor shower- it is only a shower head after all! And it would look so posh!

Interiors Porn


  • Pick a colour that suits your outdoor scheme- brights would work well but I love this moody, cooling grey.
  • There are so many outdoor products these days that you could use to liven up the space – chairs, mirrors, hanging plants! Lovely
  • I would add a hot tap too just to take the chill off and make the shower a bit more user friendly.
  • Include some gorgeous body wash for your guests! Oh la la!
February 18, 2011

Styling Idea #125 Coloured Cupboards


I’m excited about the current colour blocking trend in fashion, even a prints princess can see that updating with brights looks fresh and new.

Follow suit with some bright coloured furniture in bold block colours!

Design Tripper

Design Tripper

Have a good weekend!!

PS- Hello to all my new subscribers! Let me know if you have any requests or comments? Thanks for reading 🙂

February 17, 2011

Styling Idea #124 Coloured Light Bulbs


I have such vivid memories of my pop’s BBQ area when I was little. The thatched roof hut with bright multi-coloured bulbs was the height of 80’s outdoor trends. As a kid the colours of the bulbs was the source of so many games and seeing these today makes me want to have a sausage in bread!

Scandanvia With Love


  • Although they would look fabulous and retro outside why not bring them inside?
  • The combined colour of the light they create is very warm so suited to warming up clean lines and modern whites.
  • Be careful that they don’t look Christmas like!
February 16, 2011

Styling Idea # 123 7 Random Things in Green


I have been handed a tag.

Like a relay tag that I now must run with and pass the baton. My lovely friend and fellow blogger Rachel at the “must visit- Fabrik of Life blog” posted on 7 Random Things – which is such a lovely way to compose a post and a welcome change from my normal format so I will post 7 Random Things in my favorite colour- Green

1. Something to inspire…

These photos from a recent advertising campaign I was on shoot for are such an inspiration- even in a busy cosmopolitan city like Sydney you can create a tranquil garden retreat.

2. Something to do….

I thought I would be ahead of the times with post (I was tagged last week and was excited about sharing this with you) but turns out that Super Blogger at Design Files already beat me to the post yesterday! Have a read of her post for more info on this super cool, not here for long pop up bar in Sydney. Or if you trust my snippet reporting then here is the deal and the must know points. Joost is the name of the designer/artist. This is an experiement in a waste free restaurant. All waste is composted and goes into the garden that grows the food you eat! The toilets are also recycling- water from hand taps is returned to cistern for flushing. Yes, they serve beer and food is good.  Visit their site and get along for a drinky!

3. Something to grow

Herb Stand by Jakob Heiberg

4. Something to buy

Check out this New York designers range- Woobly Plates for gorgeous hand crafted ceramics in bright colours with imprints of lace and imperfect plate sizes and shapes. Beauty is raw and a little bit woobly.

5. Something to try

Styling with green jars…collect from second hand stores and cluster together with dry twigs, green and white stripe ribbons and old dressmaker scissors. 

Emmas Design Blog

6. Something to wallpaper with…

So retro but so right!

Source unknown

7. Something to frame…

These retro inspired prints of European destinations are my perfect idea of weekend getaways. I would frame with white space and hang on printed wallpaper wall for layered retro feel.



Okay Briar at Sunday Collector it’s over to you (Happy Birthday by the way!)