Styling Idea #112 Painted Ceilings


When you are lying around relaxing you can start thinking things like “What colour would I paint the ceiling??”

Thoughts people??

Desire to Inspire

Interior Decline


  • Would you really do this idea?? I think it looks fabulous and dramatic and can really open your colour options and schemes.
  • Why not try this in an area where your ceiling surface is small to start- like an entry to an apartment- you could have a strong bold colour in a small space and you don’t spend your time hanging out in the entry way.
  • Use lots of white and mirrors or reflective surfaces down below to play up the colour and bounce around your light.
  • If you don’t want to have the contrast colour painting your ceiling one or two shades lighter than the wall colour works well to create a large space and give the illusion of a lower ceiling.

Would you try it?

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