Styling Idea # 116 One Print-Multi Frames


I told you I was looking forward to getting back to Sydney! In my first afternoon wondering around I found some amazing gems that are worth thinking about! Queen St Woollahra gave me plenty of ideas for my up and coming birthday. How is a girl to choose between cushions at Orson and Blake, linen at Moss and River or glasses at  Genevieve Lethu?. Seriously if you have not visited this last store because you thought it was too expensive you will be surprised at the amazing prices of this French tableware and cookware company. It is so quintessentially French and simply gorgeous!

Keeping the French theme going Cote Maison has an incredible wall of artwork which is an original map of Paris at the turn of last century – the print covers an impressive 20 frames and makes for a very stylish statement. It was once displayed in a cafe in Paris but it can be all yours (for around $3000) – I honestly think with art prices these days this is a very good investment that will never date.

PS- A sneaky heads up Cote Maison is having a relocation sale – I would make an offer if I was you!! If you snag this you better let me know!

Cote Maison

Here is another way that requires less space …



  • Oh, this idea just screams sophistication – I’m thinking offices, dining rooms, grand halls and entrances – someone pour me a scotch (in a glass from Genevieve Lethu!)
  • If you cannot get your hands on original maps you can get images digitally altered and enlarged these days. Maps are perfect as there is little difference between panels which leaves for a smooth finish.
  • I would keep the print black and white- different colours will distract from the strong statement made by the black frames.
  • PS there are professional picture hangers if you are attempting something as tricky as 20 frames and my guess is they would be well worth the investment!

Happy Monday

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