Styling Idea # 117 Layered Grey


My need to nest and decorate is almost overwhelming. So I just think we need o look at pretty things today!

Here are some ideas for layering one colour- GREY!!

Tobias Partners

Lonny Magazine


Living Etc


  • This first room was an award winning design by Sydney design firm Tobias and Partners. I simply love love love this space- who would have thought that a tacky chandelier of balls, a table this colour, pac man carpet and office style chairs would turn into one of my top dining picks!
  • Remember that because grey is the other neutral you can layer like you would whites or beige- there are plenty of shades of grey so you can look for a blue grey and mix with a white grey or a smokey dark grey.
  • Look for patterns and textures and keep adding until you are happy with the result- different upholstery, smooth versus coarse textures, lacquer versus matt, woollen versus woven.
  • Remember that neutral loves natural- that is to say that these colours work really well with colours from nature and earth- woods of all shades and colours will pop against this palette.
  • If you are unsure where to start go for the largest piece in the room- the walls or your key piece of furniture and add from there- rugs, vases, throws etc and remember to have one space where the eye can rest on a non-grey item. The top room would not work if that table was grey and the other shots need gold, green or prints to give the eye rest.
  • Natural light is not necessary but good light is so think about it. Your eye will also appreciate something that shines and reflects light- glass, mirrors, sparkle, bling and metallic all go amazing with grey as they reflect their true colour! Silver

Have a great day

2 Responses to “Styling Idea # 117 Layered Grey”

  1. I love the quiet sophistication of grey. Fantastic layering ideas Sara. I want the beatiful black/gold table lamp!


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