Styling Idea # 119 Gift Tags


When I actually try to find cards and gift tags I am always disappointed at the lack of creativity out there. These products now demand at least $5 a pop and there are really no good cards out there! I say this at the moment because I live in a family of Aquarians. I think I should make some of these little lovelies to have on hand when I give gifts.



  • Don’t use ribbon-find a cute vintage fabric and make strips small enough to wrap through the punctured hole.
  • These simple little flowers are easy enough to copy and so innocent- add the button if you want to make it crafty.
  • If you are giving a number of gifts (say Christmas time) try using a black and white photo of the recipient instead of writing their name on the card.
  • If you don’t trust your flower drawing skills use some print wallpaper in a contrasting colour.
  • Make more than you need and keep at ready for spontaneous little gifts that you give with a smile.

THINGS I WOULD BUY (Here are some snippets from my travels yesterday of things I would buy) Sorry- you will have to excuse my iPhone photos! But the products are cool X

Available at The Bay Tree $50

Camel Sculpture available at Gallery @ 28 $1400

Hanging Fishtank- Spotted at Brad and Ngata Salon not for sale

PS- Do you think I should get the camel sculpture- I am so in love!! I want to install a yellow floating shelve and have it on display with artwork around it?? Let me know your thoughts!!

PPS- If I had the hanging fishtanks made who would buy one??

3 Comments to “Styling Idea # 119 Gift Tags”

  1. Think the camels would be brilliant on a yellow shelf – see it as being part of your journey through life!
    Love the gift tag idea with fabric instead of ribbon – as I have an limitless supply of fabric this is a great way to make gifts more personalised.

  2. Woah. I found this post through a google search for “hanging fish tanks”. I’m moving into a new place and want my three betta fish in hanging fish tanks in a corner of my new house, but NO ONE makes hanging fish tanks!!
    If you had these fish tanks made I WOULD BUY THREE!! If you’re really serious about it, email me at

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