Styling Idea # 121 Visitor Chairs


I hope you will forgive me for doing a short post today- the weekend of birthday festivities has left me a bit rushed, exhausted and probably late for work! I have so much to share from an amazing weekend but not enough time to squeeze it into this post. I was so spolit and one of the lovely gifts I received was The Story of Eames furniture! An incredible double book collectors package that I cannot wait to devour. Most will recognize the married couples work from the famous lounge chair with ottoman but (as I am about to discover) there is so much more.

Here is an iconic white DSW chair used a visitor chair in this sleek and stylish room.

DESIGN QUESTION? – Can anyone tell me if the DSW is in fact a replica- I thought that Vitra manufactured the Dining Height Side Chair with wooden legs and the DSX had a lower cross section? Also- I know that is of course a Featherstone in the grey upholstered fabric but I cannot remember the name? Bonus points if you can help me out??


  • I love that the chairs sit in front of the television as if to say that it is not the most important element in the room. I think we get precious about styling for viewing TV and realistically I think that is a bit sad- there is more the life than the big black rectangle and the crap that is on it!
  • All the elements have been held together with the rug- two small chairs would appear floating in space if they were not given this dimension.
  • If you are keen to give this idea a go be very simple with your colour palette- take it from the Scandinavians and use teak, black and white and maybe a touch of grey.

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