Styling Idea # 123 7 Random Things in Green


I have been handed a tag.

Like a relay tag that I now must run with and pass the baton. My lovely friend and fellow blogger Rachel at the “must visit- Fabrik of Life blog” posted on 7 Random Things – which is such a lovely way to compose a post and a welcome change from my normal format so I will post 7 Random Things in my favorite colour- Green

1. Something to inspire…

These photos from a recent advertising campaign I was on shoot for are such an inspiration- even in a busy cosmopolitan city like Sydney you can create a tranquil garden retreat.

2. Something to do….

I thought I would be ahead of the times with post (I was tagged last week and was excited about sharing this with you) but turns out that Super Blogger at Design Files already beat me to the post yesterday! Have a read of her post for more info on this super cool, not here for long pop up bar in Sydney. Or if you trust my snippet reporting then here is the deal and the must know points. Joost is the name of the designer/artist. This is an experiement in a waste free restaurant. All waste is composted and goes into the garden that grows the food you eat! The toilets are also recycling- water from hand taps is returned to cistern for flushing. Yes, they serve beer and food is good.  Visit their site and get along for a drinky!

3. Something to grow

Herb Stand by Jakob Heiberg

4. Something to buy

Check out this New York designers range- Woobly Plates for gorgeous hand crafted ceramics in bright colours with imprints of lace and imperfect plate sizes and shapes. Beauty is raw and a little bit woobly.

5. Something to try

Styling with green jars…collect from second hand stores and cluster together with dry twigs, green and white stripe ribbons and old dressmaker scissors. 

Emmas Design Blog

6. Something to wallpaper with…

So retro but so right!

Source unknown

7. Something to frame…

These retro inspired prints of European destinations are my perfect idea of weekend getaways. I would frame with white space and hang on printed wallpaper wall for layered retro feel.



Okay Briar at Sunday Collector it’s over to you (Happy Birthday by the way!)


2 Responses to “Styling Idea # 123 7 Random Things in Green”

  1. That is my ideal garden – just beautiful. Great post Sara.


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