Styling Idea # 127 Hanging from a Shelf


I would hate to be pregnant in summer. I have had two baby showers in as many weeks in the stifling heat. The first was during the Sydney heat wave and 20 mothers to be huddled in a non-air conditioned room to exchange fluffy hot snuggly type toys- it was 45 degrees. Yesterday was hot and steamy also however we visited one of the cutest little buttons in Sydney so it did make it worth it.

Amelia Ruby is a young hostess with the mostess and in cosy (read- good for winter) little room on Elizabeth St she will serve you more cakes and slices and ice tea than you can honestly handle (even if you under do you belt…..and your top button). The Tea Parlour hosts tea and scones for $8 or the full hog High Tea for only $20 and you will never forget the experience, or the beetroot and chocolate cake! And the wonderful thing is that Amelia makes all the food herself and lovingly serves you endless plates of joy along with apologies for the weather and the cutest little interior to boot- so sweet.

Here is one idea that I loved from the interior…


  • I love the flag hanging from under the shelf – such a subtle way to display the Jack!
  • If you are not into British heritage and tea rooms you can still use this styling idea in other ways- hang a scarf (vertically) or pretty printed tea towel from a hanging shelf in the kitchen, living room or bathroom!
  • Use the scarf to separate other styling ideas – for example use the split to separate photos, artwork or vintage mirrors.

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