Styling Idea # 128 Little Stool Big Vase


The Life In Style Event was held in Sydney over the weekend. This trade event is a showcase of the amazing home wares and gift products that we can expect to see in store soon. There are also a few categories that I think I can say we do not need to buy anymore of

  • Necklaces with wooden blue birds
  • Velvet headbands with bows
  • Terrible woollen jumper things
  • PJ’s that come in pouches of the same fabric
  • Bags that look good and feel crap
  • Neck pillows with matching travel tags- what the?
  • Cushions with stamp and envelope/ letter/ motifs
  • Ugly things that keep handbags off the ground at the table- no one uses them!

Things that are good and that you should buy

  • Products made from recycled waste- baskets woven from garbage bags, jewellery made from bottle caps.
  • Smart, real leather travel wallets
  • Very own “at home light boxes” that you can change the letters of!! Quote of the day anyone? Available from Top 3 by Design.
  • Umbrellas with curved corners instead of pointy edges- brilliant!
  • Amazing leather from Alan Myerson (touch it and you will agree)
  • Cool things from Lightly like these
  • Printed vases (see below)- these flowers don’t die so you can just add leaves! Much cheaper.

Oh, so I give you all this love and you still want a styling idea?? Of course you do- that is what FURNNISH is all about! Voila- I present little stool big vase!

Now before you dismiss this as terrible shop fitting style think about how smart this could look in a house. Cute chair in any colour you like- TICK. Large ornate vase looking decorative and ornamental by virtue of it’s proportion- TICK! Dead twigs optional I just like the idea of playing up proportions!

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