Styling Idea # 133 Coat rack


Hello and welcome to March! So excited to be heading into Autumn- for me the entrance to the shoulder seasons is more exciting than summer. I know everyone goes ga ga for summer (and let’s face it, wearing one piece of clothing is easy and fun) but autumn means one very important and exciting thing in a girls life! COATS.

Oh, yes- they are so important and everyone should own as many as physically possible. All you need is a few pairs of jeans/bottoms and a some basics but a great coat will always be a show stopper and set the mood. Go lady, go smart, go trench, go expensive, go colour! Just promise me one thing if you must go black make it a cut to die for in the most expensive fabric you can afford- you will not regret it.

Happy autumn- check out these gorgeous DIY coat racks- I love.

Interior Decline


  • Are you frekin joking me?? These two photos are just so beautiful and the ideas just so wonderful I nearly didn’t want to share them with you!
  • Someone somewhere must know a friendly mirror maker or builder who can get their hands on some steel lattice or a vintage mirror to add some hooks. Seriously – every entrance needs too look this.
  • Yes- there is some expectation that your coats will all look good together when out on display- if you have any that don’t make the cut leave them in the closet- but your yummy, smart, mid season warmers should be out (soon) on display and part of your decor.
  • Make sure your coat racks are a good looking as these!

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