Styling Idea # 135 Dark Brick Walls Colour Correction


A while ago my wonderful sister had a request for her interior blogging sister- what do I do with my dark dark bricks in my new rented space. Arrhhh, the old 1970’s love from dingy interiors and exposed brick. I love exposed brick but I realise that is hard to pick a colour scheme that is not orange, green and yellow (remember I have moved on from vintage- if you missed yesterday’s post read for explanation).

So here, Miss A is my colour pick for your new home……

From the Right Bank


  • Midnight blue, lavender, butter yellow, lemon and silver! Will bring sophistication to your dark moody walls.
  • Hunt for some darker furniture in leathers, dark fabric etc and bring to live with as many coloured accessories as possible- books, lamps, pretty cupcake plates in blue and white. Repeat. Repeat. You will be trying to win over the bricks here so go for a fine balance between pretty and cluttered- drop too far either side and you will loose the effect.
  • If you want me to come to Melbourne and play with this idea with you I will!

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