Styling Idea # 136 “Dip Die” Curtains


I have just had the most amazing weekend. Yesterday was all about culture. Brunch at Joost (great view- terrible menu and service), Annie Leibovitz exhibition (great images, poor curation), outdoor cinema (great venue, crap film). However despite my harsh reviews I enjoyed it all- you have try these things so at least you have a comment from your own experience. Getting out, trying new adventures and than bitchy about them is much better than staying at home and reading what the papers says.

Here is an idea that I encourage you try (no bad press will be reported after because I am sure you will be delighted!)

Desire to Inspire

Lonny Magazine


  • The name of this styling idea has been inspired by the current trend to colour the end of you hair a bright colour (so it doesn’t actually pertain to tie dying the fabric).
  • I love the use of a block colours to create a new accent in what was simply classic white curtains.
  • Often fabrics with a print demand too much attention – however this modern block colour version gets attention for all the right reasons and add sophistication to any space.

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