Styling Idea # 137 DIY Statement Pillow Cases


I have decided that 99% of bed linen is fugly! Seriously- and I can say that I have seen the coming ranges of one of Australia’s premier linen design houses and it is no better. Poor colours, too large prints where you want small ones, too small where you want large and very little understanding of proportion! And I am an not even a designer!


  • One way I think you could get around it is buy white linen and make your own statement pillow slips from fabric that you love (the above is not the BEST example but you get my point!)
  • If you are not sleeping on these it makes finding a suitable fabric easier!
  • Mix it up with sheets that have a stripe or a floral (as if you can find these but try!!) to get some personality into your mainly white linen.
  • Pick colours that suit the season and your make you feel relaxed! Pretty is not always calming so seek to find the former first.
  • This is a good idea for teenage rooms when finding a “cool” print is easier in fabrics than a full bedlinen set.
  • If you are really ambitious you can attempt to make a full set- doona cover, pillows, cuhsions and European pillows. I did this once and was thrilled the result! I picked a huge mash up of prints but it was so pretty and unique and all mine…..In fact it was in Autumn colours so I should pull it out again.

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