Styling Idea # 142 Bench as Console


Sometimes the normal furniture available for a space is a bit cliche. Got a bed, put a side table. Got a hallway, put a hall stand. It does start to get a bit predictable. One great way to change the space is the play with heights and unexpected dimensions.

This long low table is a great example….

Emma's Design Blog


  • I love that this makes use of a small narrow skinny area but allows it to become more playful somehow.
  • Use this in apartments where you want to keep a sense of open space or even in front of a window that you don’t want to obstruct the view but you want some more personality.
  • Look for different low seating options and benches for something unique and quirky!

One Comment to “Styling Idea # 142 Bench as Console”

  1. Love it. Might try that in my hallway.

    Something not expected..Very cool.

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