Styling Idea # 144 Earthy Nursey


Well, I am in the middle of baby central. Two friends had new babies on the weekend, I meet a little 3 months old girl and another girlfriend is now officially 3 days overdue…waiting…waiting..waiting. (That’s not counting next months arrivals!)

Let’s look at nursery ideas while we wait shall we?

Earthy Nursey

One Hour


One Hour


  • Select an unusual palette for a nursery which is cocooning and unisex- earthy greens, linen and creams.
  • Add in texture for softness and warmth.
  • Keep the accessories in neutral palettes- i love the idea of the old glass cabinet filled with soft linen toys and wooden toys.
  • If you want to add some colours for a boy or girl- add raspberry or lemon for a little girl and some blue tartans for a little boy. You can easily remove these accessories when baby number 2 arrives.

One Comment to “Styling Idea # 144 Earthy Nursey”

  1. Absolutely in love w/ ur idea of an old vintage cabinet full of sweet toys.
    I saw it recently done w/ high heels in a black and gold antique piece w/ glass doors and it looked gorgeous! Too bad i don’t have nearly enough beautiful shoes to fill it, toys however, i think we could do…

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