Styling Idea # 145 Mirrored Bar


I went to a fabulous bar last night in Sydney. For the locals you will be well familiar with Sticky Bar. A hidden away bar above the ever popular Table for 20- seriously worth the visit. This is the type of bar that is hard to find (Melbourne style) dark and cosy (Melbourne style) cooking paella in the middle of the room for everyone to take a bowl full (Spanish style) and has some of the best service I have ever experienced anywhere (Impeccable style). PS don’t be put off by any entrance rules- ie last night I had to text message “Why Am I?” to a random number and wait to be welcomed! This is not pretentious rather a wonderful way to make sure you are personally greeted and escorted upstairs where you will be served by the best (and the best looking I must say!!)

Here is the link if you want to add it to your to do list- Sticky Bar.

Hotel Bel Ami Rue Saint


  • I would encourage you all to install a home bar! Add mirrors, pendent lights and mosaic tiles for true chic- but keep the lighting low and the wine flowing!

Enjoy your weekend!!

One Comment to “Styling Idea # 145 Mirrored Bar”

  1. yes how great is that bar – and you are spot on…amazing service, love the bar staff there!

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