Styling Idea # 147 Folk Patterns


Folk patterns don’t get much look in in interiors- with Moroccan, English Rose or retro prints all getting the most love these days. I think we should re-think our ethnic patterns and layer for the maximum effect with some Turkish Delight.

Sweet Home Style

Living Etc


  • This does not have to as tricky as it looks – you can grab from current trends and make it your own. (I know the top picture is ghalsty- I am talking about the idea here- the bedspread on its own or the wall hangings alone would be gorgeous! No?
  • Look for patchwork rugs and bed spreads, hand made cushions with tapestry, small foot stools (get a cluster) that you can cover with prints or rugs that you can use as wall hangings.
  • I love the metal tray tables that are around at the moment (see below for similar) and the small Turkish pattern glasses and wine glasses- these with one of the above would be enough to get the theme started.
  • Finally- layer your woods, rustic, oak, rosewood etc – feel a bit more eclectic than matchy matchy.

Is this an idea that you think has legs??

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