Styling Idea # 152 Asymmetrical Books


I know that we are not even at the start of April but it feels like I need to get ready. I will be away every weekend for the next 5 so I better be super organised! Which is terrible for dating life, wallet and liver but excellent news on all other fronts!

This panic for organisation has me tidying and compartmentalising the things in my life!

Maybe I could try a little style layout like this…

Black White and Yellow


  • Remember sometimes the space between ‘stuff’ is as important as the stuff. Think about music- the space a musician gives a note is as important as finding the note.
  • I love the mirror reflecting back the pyramid layout!
  • Keep it tidy! This is not a clutter place but a put down place!

One Comment to “Styling Idea # 152 Asymmetrical Books”

  1. You are so right …. the space between stuff is so important and I forget to make that part of the look sometimes.
    Looks great here.

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