Styling Idea # 161 Artwork on the Floor


I went to a party last night in never never land! Well, obviously it was just Sydney but I have never never seen a house like it. The space is a commercial space that is designed to be an art studio but three loving flat mates have created a magical and mythical space that feels one part art gallery, one part home, one part restaurant and one part concept store. Highlights include a wall made from bales of hay, lightbox tables that cast soft glows, a life size ostrich sculpture, a floating room accessed via milk crates and a light sculpture made from glass beads that like looked a clothes line. The light was soft and dimmed and you immediatley felt that you had left behind the city and the 2hour traffic which made my arrival scattered and stressful. Arrrhhh pour yourself a glass of wine!

So this post doesn’t really cut (I tried to capture hipsamatic shoot with my phone) and this photo is dull and boring in comparison- I really just wanted something that shows that can scatter artwork everywhere and anyway you please- including the floor.


Emma's Design Blog


  • Layer and pile your art against each other- some on walls, some on stairs, some on floating shelves. Build it up and create a multi-layered story of images that you love!

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