Styling Idea # 170 Booth Seat in Bathroom


Wow, Wagga in Autumn is fantastic. The sun is shining, the colours are incredible and the wide streets are literally lined with fallen leaves. It is hard to come back to rainy Sydney when Wagga life seems so easy and accessible. What do you think people give up when they live the city and what sacrifices do those living the country make? What influence does your city or town have on your interior style?

I would be interested in your thoughts on this.

Well, I did spend plenty of time outdoors while I was home but I made sure that I did spend time soaking in a bubble bath with good book! Can recommend East of Eden by Steinbeck if you are interested!


  • I love the booth seat built into this luxury bathroom
  • Make sure you include storage space- underneath could even be the laundry baskets or linen press!
  • If you cannot get a built in booth seat like above including a chair in the bathroom is an elegant styling idea and a very practical addition! Imagine something like this…..

Deco Pad


One Comment to “Styling Idea # 170 Booth Seat in Bathroom”

  1. I want want want tha attic bathroom … Amazing

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