Styling Idea # 171 Painted Kitchen Island


Oh yuck! Going back to work after 5 days off was not fun at all! Why do we have to work when long weekends are sooooo good! I am sure if we all rally together we could get more long weekends- no one would complain. Until, that is, the day we have to go back 🙂

The other good thing about long weekends is you can do DIY jobs around the house- like paint your kitchen island a huge doll house!

One Hour


  • This looks like paper or removable fabric- but painting the real thing would work too!
  • Keep if black and white for a classy finish that want bother you too much
  • If you have a blank section along the bath in the kids bedroom think about painting a similar scene.
  •  Hang painted fabric on serving tables outside for an interesting styling ideas for home entertaining and weddings!
  • Think about raising kids beds up of the ground and creating a rotating sheets of paper with large murals so they can colour and you can remove.

Hang in there- only one more day of this week left 🙂

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