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April 12, 2011

Styling Idea # 162 Rich Tuesday


When I am rich I will obviously have an amazing office! My idea of a the perfect meeting space looks kinda like this!

I know it is a bit residential but I can imagine everyone dressed to the nines in smart Hermes and sitting around this table with herbal discussing the plans for the day and how we will make more money!

From the Right Bank

April 11, 2011

Styling Idea # 161 Artwork on the Floor


I went to a party last night in never never land! Well, obviously it was just Sydney but I have never never seen a house like it. The space is a commercial space that is designed to be an art studio but three loving flat mates have created a magical and mythical space that feels one part art gallery, one part home, one part restaurant and one part concept store. Highlights include a wall made from bales of hay, lightbox tables that cast soft glows, a life size ostrich sculpture, a floating room accessed via milk crates and a light sculpture made from glass beads that like looked a clothes line. The light was soft and dimmed and you immediatley felt that you had left behind the city and the 2hour traffic which made my arrival scattered and stressful. Arrrhhh pour yourself a glass of wine!

So this post doesn’t really cut (I tried to capture hipsamatic shoot with my phone) and this photo is dull and boring in comparison- I really just wanted something that shows that can scatter artwork everywhere and anyway you please- including the floor.


Emma's Design Blog


  • Layer and pile your art against each other- some on walls, some on stairs, some on floating shelves. Build it up and create a multi-layered story of images that you love!
April 8, 2011

Styling Idea # 160 Statement Cushions


Ooppps I forgot to press publish at 6:34am yesterday – must have been half way through my cuppa and forgot! Lucky I still managed the get the post in for the day- please email me and remind me if that ever happens again.

Mmm ok, what are we talking about today…cushions! May favourite thing! If I had a million dollars I would make cushions for ever!

They would be incredible- room changing design pieces and everyone would lust over them! These are pretty cute too

Apartment Therapy

Lonny Magazine

One Hour


  • Spend a bit on cushions with unique prints or something worth looking at – you back this up with colours and fabrics and textures later.
  • Mix pretty with funky or masculine with feminine when styling cushions- too much frill is not cool but sometimes restraint is okay.
April 7, 2011

Styling Idea # 159 Retro Wallpaper Bulkhead


A friend of mine took me to the cutest little restaurant last night- who in Sydney is familiar with the Soup Kitchen? I am sure this is an Oxford St institution and I am late to the game. Why aren’t there more places with an array of soups, bangers and mash or fish fingers on the menu with change from $10 and open late at night. The best thing about living in Sydney is discovering new places and it is always important to know where to go for old fashion fish fingers!


  • These amazing retro images are just wonderful to look at! Who ever would have thought these looked stylish? The beauty of retro images is finding the elements that stand alone as excellent styling ideas
  • Wallpapered bulkheads
  • Hanging plants
  • Eames inspired chairs
  • I love the bulkhead in the second image coming over the table! It looks like it might be lit! Wow!!
April 6, 2011

Styling Idea # 158 Rich Tuesdays (even though it is wed)


I want to be famous and rich! There you go, I said it. Those who govern the universal laws of attraction tell me that we need to write these things down- so I guess publishing them gets you extra brownie points!

We had a palm reader come and visit us at the hens weekend (This is a highly emotional and risky activity to carry out at a hens – least the bride is told that her wedding is doomed, however we had an incredible bonding experience over it. Bring tissues).

The interesting thing about my reading was that he knew I wanted to be rich. Sure you can say that anyone could take a stab at the lines on your hand and say that BUT in a room of 12 intelligent, independence, incredible woman I was the ONLY one he said this to. And, I would venture to say the only one it would have been truly relevant for. Everyone longs for less money woes and more freedom, of course, however he nailed me in one. In other good news I will own a multi-million dollar business if I choose to do so and I’m getting my Maserati! Woo woo.

Any ideas of how I get to be famous?

The absolutely imperative thing for me to do now is start planning the ideal homes (yes, that is a plural) that I want to own! OMG can you imagine!! Here is my first style to lust over.

From the Right Bank

From the Right Bank


  • Parquet flooring
  • Chandeliers (get out! I know so cliche – who would have thought I would lust over something so over done!)
  • Plush creams and greys
  • Expensive fabric and linens
  • Decorative walls, ceilings and arches

Feature posts will appear on Tuesday (had the idea one day late and decided to run with it)

April 5, 2011

Styling Idea # 157 Pink and Orange


Yeah- I thought this colour scheme was tacky too- until I saw this photo. What a great idea for a little girls room- fresh and pretty.

Lonny Magazine


  • The key here is to stay clear of primary colours- don’t use primary basic orange or pink instead stick with mustard base tones, soft fairy floss, raspberry and softly softly blend.
  • Use stripes and checks but be careful of too much floral
  • Be inspired by nature and mix a little green where you can!
April 4, 2011

Styling Idea # 156 Wooden Kitchens


Arrhh- the older I get the more traditional I become and the more I want to live in the country. A weekend sharing food and sitting on the porch sipping tea is surely enough to make you want to throw in the city life and move somewhere greener- especially on a Monday morning.

These kitchens are made for sharing…

Living Etc

April 1, 2011

Styling Idea # 155


I have to be super speedy this morning- I have a taxi collecting me for the aiport in 30mins and I haven’t showered, dressed or packed! Talk about commitmment to my bloggy blog!! I will be spending the day wandering around Melbourne (I need new jeans badly and probably a massage!) and then I head off to Daylesford tonight- enjoy your Friday!

So whilst we are on the subject of unpack suitcases don’t forget they make adorable stacked tables for bedrooms!



Have a great weekend xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx