Styling Idea # 177 Bench as Coffee Table


When you first start writing a blog you always have another blog in mind as inspiration. I wanted my blog to be like Apartment Therapy– then I realized that Australia doesn’t have THAT many apartments and it is a much bigger and better blog headquarters than I ever will be. But I still love to read it- they have done an amazing job of ideas and concepts, one of which is the Small/Cool contest. The idea is simple- small apartments that look amazingly cool. Ta da!

I encourage you to check it out for loads of inspiration and eye candy (if you are not already one of the millions of people ready this site) however I choose to share this with you because it is just sooooo clever.

Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy


  • Ok, there are plenty of clever styling ideas here but I want to draw your attention to the wooden bench being used as a coffee table!
  • Notice how narrow the room is however it is been balanced by a small wooden bench and creates an illusion of width!
  • How wide does your coffee table need to be to practical- rest a book, eat dinner, put down your coffee- sound like this is about the right width.
  • Finally- hanging the prints all the way to the ceiling and the mini dining table set up and pure genius too!!

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