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May 7, 2011

Styling Idea # 178 Room Divider Genius


Yesterday I shared the idea of the small coffee table for small space.

If I had already seen this photo I would I have posted it first because it wins GENIUS award. Really – you have to have a look at this clever idea, again from Apartment Therapy Small Cool Awards.

Apartment Therapy


  • Now, clever Ariel actually sleeps behind this screen or “glowing box” which I would not like to do everyday however it would be excellent for segmenting a guest bedroom, creating a nook for an office, creating a kids play area or for creating a reading den.
  • No matter the reason this is a very clever and affordable way to create a space that looks great, creates a soft light and hides whatever you do not wants others to see- all good things if you ask me.
  • Note the reflective coffee table which is great for small space and Ariel makes mention that she added mirror panels to all the internal door- she is so smart.