Styling Idea # 182 Red Lounges


Oh, dear. It should scream ikea catalogue


  1. They are chesterfields
  2. And red is hot
  3. And the walls are white
  4. And the windows are amazing
  5. So…it works


  • Use the accessories to create a stylish and personal feel so it doesn’t become too hotel lobby- the hanging coats and bag rack are a good example of this
  • Don’t use too many other colours in the room- no bookcases etc needed here to compete with the red
  • Bring in green, tan, black, white and charcoal – but in small amounts no big black and red artwork for example – this is an example where repeating is not going to work.
  • Don’t bring in anything that is black and white at all- that includes photography (which would normally be an ok)
  • Do use flowers to soften the effect
  • Floorboards work well and avoid any 1990’s carpet reference
  • If in doubt buy the brown chesterfield

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