Styling Idea # 198 Backlit Boockase in Bathroom


I’m doing this post from my office in Sydney and it is freezing outside! I left the house in the dark and rain and it is hardly light out (@7:30) – I would pay a lot of money to be whisked away somewhere where I could have a backlit book case in my bathroom! Are you kidding me! What an idea

Apartment Therapy


  • Don’t limit this gorgeous idea to the bathroom- a bedroom, study or library would look spectucular also with this warm glow of light!
  • I love how they have placed indoor plants between the books to create a story amougest the books

Happy Thursday! Rug up if you are in windy cold Oz- what is the weather like elsewhere dear international readers?

2 Comments to “Styling Idea # 198 Backlit Boockase in Bathroom”

  1. OMG….. Best idea I have ever seen !! Thanks for the inspiration xx

  2. Now that is my idea of perfection, heaven!

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