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June 2, 2011

Styling Idea # 203 Cane & Black are able….


Whenever I write something personal that prompts a reply from my dear friends and readers I am always so surprised to see people are still reading. It is a strange this is blog land- lots of hours sitting up bleary eyed at 6am thinking- mmmm where are my creative juices today??

Thanks for the comments yesterday all xx

Ok- what is so great about this idea?

Black is fab, grey is divine, dark olive green is exciting, navy is the new black! So how do you lift these heavy colours in a modern way that doesn’t require prints or expensive sleek looking furniture? Because we want a modern, fresher feel than these first two options- right?

My answer is cane! Wicker! Shake it shaker style! Seriously these gorgeous textures and simple structures will pop against the dark colours.

The silhouettes will be given full display and the contrast between colours will give perfect harmony.

Just see how this chair and stool pop in the below image!

Black White and Yellow


  • Brighten the contrast in dark rooms with cane bedheads- arrhhh I’m excited excited I tell you – than add white bedlinen for sweet dreams
  • Look for neat repetitive weaves in cane and wicker in the perfect ‘teak’ colours- not too yellow and straw like please.
  • Dark bathroom? Cane washing basket and cane stool- so simple but sooooo good.
  • Pop with subtle references like ever green (I know plants are everywhere but they are good) and I would like to see the softest suggestion of a mustard or mulberry……rose gold?? People are you hearing me….can you see this?
  • Friends of the combo will include leather (patina baby) teak any wood stained black japan and knits in earthy shades.
  • Try not to use too much- stainless steal, silver or greys- this about wood = warm against the coolest of palettes.

Happy Thursday FURNNISH crew