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June 8, 2011

Styling idea # 207 Lightbox Above Bed


When I started this blog I had grand visions and plans that I would be able to implement and shoot (some) all of the styling ideas I had. It is sooooo hard to find images online of what you have in your head and rest are obviously ideas from other peoples head, which is kinda stealing and not near as fun as creating. There are ideas however that I see and want to have a go at implementing- this is one for sure. Oh, how this could look incredible and amazing and just be one of the best styling ideas ever. It falls short in execution, colours and images but the idea is clear.

Apartment Therapy


  • A truly wonderful way to implement soft lighting, a warm glow, a piece of art and a statement in a room.
  • I think hotels the world over should use this- I would create a chain of hotels called “lightbox” and get amazing artists to create images especially to be hang, backlit over beds of white linen and fluffy pillows. You could than repeat the lightbox idea with an image over the bath, or incorporated into internal doors such as cupboards or bathroom doors. Wouldn’t that be an experience!