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June 9, 2011

Styling Idea # 208 Four Poster in Attic


My soon to be bedroom (you guys will get sick of hearing about it I am sure) has an attic ceiling at one end. To make use of the space I have considered using that end as bed end- I want be walking around up that end anyway. It realistically will be too low I suspect but I did find this for reference for other attic dwellers….

Desire to Inspire


  • I love how the use of the lines in the four poster lift the ceiling up higher- stopping it from collapsing in on the bed and making it feel squashed.
  • The strong lines of the bed and the soft lines of the weather board are perfectly accented with the rug, bedlinen and other patterns all being line based. If you look closely this is in fact the perfect display of how to repeat lines and patterns around a space in a masculine style – very clever and effortlessly chic!